Our Team

Our chefs source high quality, nutritious ingredients to cook fresh meals from scratch in your own kitchen. Taking these simple mindful steps allow us to cook familiar and clean food without you ever having to sacrifice your enjoyment. The schedule, responsibilities and high profile that come with being a high achieving pro athlete leave little to no time to think about cooking or concerns over privacy when dining at restaurants. Let us be responsible for your food.

Our Experience / Edge

Our experiences with Super Bowl Champions, NBA Lottery Picks and Olympic Athletes have allowed us to develop an exceptional edge on other Chefs and Meal Planning Services catered towards the professional athlete. Our vast experience with professional athletes has supplied us with an understanding of…

  • Developing relationships with team nutritionists, trainers, coaches and most importantly other high achieving professional athletes
  • Teamwork and self-discipline involved in exceeding athletic, professional and life goals
  • Hectic NBA/NFL schedules
  • Importance of your time with sports or non-sports related activities to you, your family, and your team
  • How imperative that a high level of privacy and discretion by your Chef is not only encouraged but expected


I'm really happy with the work we did this season and we're definately going to keep this thing rolling!

Marcus Smart

Hiring a chef for the season was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made

Jaylen Brown